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We link to 3 types of covid information. What Covid-19 (SARS covid 2) is, what's in the injections, and the horrifying side effects the shots have on children and adults. The information you have access to through this website will be new and seem overwhelming, this because the people providing the information are banned from MSNM platforms, and so is the data they provide. - Because new and updated covid info is becoming available almost daily, the order in which the information is listed on this website is based on how new it is and it's importance.




Streamed on: Nov 21, 6:00 pm EST, Posted here 11/28/23.


Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dan Watkins, and Dr Michael Hamilton are here to talk about the deadly drug Remdesivir and how to hold those who pushed this drug accountable for murder. In this video you will learn that the people that supposedly died of Covid did not die of Covid.

There will be another 'pandamic' and if you don't know why and how so many people died while in the hospital, you or a loved one could be the next victims.




Died Suddenly is the documovie that went viral exposing how many men, woman and children just dying suddenly all over the world since the covid vax rollout. People young and old including children are dying due to synthetic clots in their arteries, not blood clots because they are not blood. And children are having heart attacks brought on my myocarditis.





Chart below shows cancer rates pre & post covid shots. Info from Steve Kirsch's Twitter Post, 11/25/23.




Breaking News
Pfizer is Liable for the Injury, Diseases and Deaths Caused by their mRNA Injections and They Need to Be Taken off the Market.

The cancerous genetic sequences are probably not just SV40 - I reported on pDNA and HeLA sequences on Oct. 20, 22021 on Brannon Howse and how they would change human DNA and cause a massive spike in very aggressive cancers with rapid tumor growth across all ages. (see article at end of this Substack). The Kingston Report (Substack) 10/21/23. Posted here 10/24/23


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You can now sue the mRNA COVID vaccine manufacturers for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market. Why? Adulteration.

The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. It's considered adulteration. Steve Kirch (Twitter) Oct 21, 2023 · 6.3M Views. Also see Steve on Substack Posted here 10/24/23.



Watch DIED SUDDENLY on Rumble.


Died Suddenly is the documovie that went viral exposing how many men, woman and children just dying suddenly all over the world since the covid vax rollout. People young and old including children are dying due to synthetic clots in their arteries, not blood clots because they are not blood. And children are having heart attacks brought on my myocarditis. Released Nov. 2021



Final Days picks up where 'Died Suddenly' leaves off. The Covid pandemic was the test run for an even more sinister plot to come. We are about to become part of a new class of people, the 'worthless eaters'. Released May 2023 on Rumble.


Posted 6/25/23. Left/Top img

600,000 Americans Per Year
Are Dying From COVID Shots Says Top Insurance Analyst


Right/Bottom img

Also Watch Josh Stirling's and former Blackrock executive Edward Dowd's testimony on vaccine-induced excess mortality



Left/Top Vid: 100% of 'Died Suddenly' Autopsy Cases Causally Connected to the COVID Vaccine, According to Review.


Right/Bottom Vid: Young Athletes Are Collapsing and Dying at Rates Never Seen Before. The vid showcases headlines of young people collapsing and dying unexpectedly in the last eight months alone. Videos from The Vigilant Fox. Posted here 8/21/23.


Vid Vid



Quantum Dots" self-Assemble, Change Colors in Vaxed AND Un-Vaxed Blood!? Dr Mihalcea bombshells!


You No Longer Need to be Vaccinated with the C19 Shots to have the synthetic clots start growing in your veins. Dr. Mihalcea explains how the hydrogels creating the 'non-blood' clots are now in insulin, in the numbing shots you get at the dentist and all kinds of other drugs. People who have not had the Covid shots now have it in their veins because the hydrogels are now in everything; the food, water air, everything and everywhere. Dr. Ardis and Karen Kingston have also been sounding the alarm on this for a long time. Posted here 8/22/23. - Visit Dr. Mihalcea Substack page for much more information on her research.



VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports.

1,574,580 Reports Through July 14, 2023.

VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% of vaccine injuries. < Source.


Miscarriage: 5,022 | Heart Attacks: 20,380 | Myocarditis/Pericarditis: 27,307 | Permanently Disabled: 67,030 | Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet: 8,817 | Life Threatening: 38,804 | Severe Allergic Reaction: 42,534 | Shingles 15,800.


Click here for the most up to date VAERS numbers



Covid 'Vaccines' Side Effects / Injuries.

People all around the world are dying suddenly, many from cardiac events and other from clots produced by the covid vax. The clots are not blood clots, they are synthetic parasites produced by the covid vax. (Images & info below) 2 & 3 year olds having seizures 2-5 days after the Covid shot Some babies and children having up to 12 seizures a day and permanent brain damage < source. Covid vax is destroying the reproductive ability for both males and females and killing babies in the womb. Extremely uncommon stillbirths jump to 22 in one month in just one hospital and the number is projected to increase. 1 in 43 is developing some sort of myocarditis . Dr. Peter McCullough (cardiologist) explains: "The reason why myocarditis is so important in children is that when there's superimposed adrenaline and noradrenaline in exercise, it is the trigger for cardiac arrest." Myocarditis was very rare before Covid-19. There is no heart damage that is mild. Myocarditis does not go way.


About COVID-19 (SARS covid 2)

Videos below contain the information provided in this paragraph: The COVID-19 pandemic was not caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus or variants, COVID-19 was caused by an Ai nanoweapon. COVID-19 is a new kind of bioweapon that is part technology, part biology < Source. There is no known sample/specimen of an alleged natural biological SARS Covid virus. SARS covid 2 virus has not been isolated and purified. There is no actual biological Covid virus for the PCR test to identify to determine if a person has covid. PCR tests do not diagnose viral diseases. PCR tests are 100% accurate at finding Venom peptides. The enzyme from venom kills people with the same methods as what is called Covid-19. COVID is Venom! -


What are the COVID-19 'Vaccines'

COVID-19 'vaccines' are not vaccines, they are delivery mechanisms for parasitic Ai bioweapons. These Ai bioweapons are genetically engineered Ai hydrogel that's energy source is quantum dot powered by 5G and fiber optics. Further down the page is a video where Karen Kingston explains the bioweapon technology and how it is used as a bioweapon.


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Mike Adams explains what the clots are that are growing in peoples' arteries and veins.
Below are Images of Synthetic Parasitic Clots removed from the arteries of the Covid vaxed dead by embalmers. The clots block the flow of blood causing strokes and heart attacks. Watch Video V04. Health Ranger Report, Brighteon August, 2022.



Clots Img

Clots Img


Clots Img




The people that will know the truth about the actual numbers of death during the covid pandamic will be the funneral directors and emblamers.


What UK Funeral Director and Embalmer, John O' Looney, shares in the video is a must see. The following is some of what is in the video >> No more death rate than normal in 2020 compared to 2019 even though we were told people were dying left and right from covid. The moment needles went in the arms the death rate went through the roof. Estimated death rate went up 300% instantly. A huge increase in young people dying, they all had one thing in common, they were all vaccinated, usually 3 and 4 times. You must hear what the CEO of Pfizer admitted he knew about the covid vaxx at a meeting John attended in Westminster England in Sept. 2021, it will make your blood boil. And much more info.



V07↓ Stew Peters Network, Rumble October 19, 2022

Prof Cahill

Prof. Dolores Cahill Interview Summary:

This lady provides a lot, a lot, of good information.

Zero mRNA injections were ever licensed up until 2020 because in the animal studies all the animals died. The Body primes the immune system to attack the organs to which the mRNA or peptide is attached. Meaning, the body is attacking its own organs. 70 to 80% of the arteries and veins are being filled with synthetic parasites keeping blood from moving through the veins and getting to the heart, brain and other organs. Discussion about Agenda 21, confirming that we are now in a "mass killing" phase of the agenda.



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Karen Kingston explains the bioweapon technology and how it is used as a bioweapon.

Karen is a is a former Pfizer employee, a business analyst and strategic marketer in the biotech industry. What you hear/read will sound like science fiction but Karen backs up everything she exposes with documentation that can be found on her substack page. Karen Kingston's Substack Page.


V08 , 1:16:58. Karen Kingston unveils the covid vaccine 5G link + biosynthetic AI nanotech. V09 , 1:16:50,is an update to V08


V08↓ Health Ranger Report, 10/6/22.


V09↓ Health Ranger Report, 10/23/22.



Karen Kingston on More Documented Proof Covid is a Bio-Weapon. Brannon Howse Live, 11/1/22. Watch video V11












Video Series on Covid and the "Vaccines".

Discover the truth about the sinister origins of COVID, the "vaccines". Some of what is in Part 1. Doctor Ardis said; "since May 2020 the use of remdesivir will result is 30% of deaths for everyone that receives that drug in a hospital for 5-10 days". He was almost spot on. Former VicePresident of Pfizer Dr. Michael Yeadon talking about the vaccines said; " I believe they are going to be use to damage your health an possibly kill you". And, "There is no sensible interpration other than a serious attempt at depopulation". Volume1 Posted to Rumble 1/20/23.



Watch The Water 1 & 2.

Covid is not what you think it is, and neither is the vaccine. - What you are about to learn about Covid from Dr. Bryan Ardis is going to horrify you. Watch the Water was posted to Rumble 4/11/22 Watch the Water2 posted 5/12/23.




Thai Princess Has HEART ATTACK After VAXX: Thai Professor Sucharit Bhakdi explains how the Covid 'Vaxx" is destroying the the immune system and what effects it is having on the human body. The professor explains how the Covid 'Vaxx' is bound to shorten the life span of millions of people in the world. Video Posted on Rumble 3/21/23, Stew Peters Network.




This video reveals who is behind the Covid Pandemic.

Team Enigma Whistleblower Sasha Latypova explains who is responsible for the covid pandemic and much more. Watch video V14 (to left/top). Rumble, Maria Zeee on the Stew Peters Network.



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Covid Vaccine Memorial Wall

When you see how many covid vaxxed young people including teenagers and children have died it's gonna rip your heart out.

Img Covid Vax Memorial Wall




The US COVID mitigation measures resulted in 90X higher COVID deaths.

The unvaccinated Amish were the control group. Their infection fatality rate from COVID was 90X lower than the surrounding community. Their secret? They ignored ALL the CDC's recommendations. 5/28/23. Steve Kirch, Substack , Founder, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (



The Mandates Are Back.

Atlanta college reinstates COVID-19 mask mandate as students return to city. 8/21/23. Steve Kirch Substact . Founder, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (


The Kingston Report

For those that want a real in depth understanding about covid and the vaccines, Karen Kingston, as of 11/16/22, has a 12 part report posted to her substack site so far. The information and data Karen provides is simply amazing and so is she. Below are the titles of her 12 reports so far. You can read a good portion of them on her substack site for free. If you would like to become a subscriber or donate to Karen's cause, I'm sure she would really appreciate your support. Karen also has many other posts about covid on her site.

Karen's Substact Site.




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