This website is a suppressed information provider 'hub'. We connect you to people and news platforms that provide the information the MSNM and many social media platforms is intentionally hiding from you.



This website's main focus is on providing links to information about Covid that the MSNM hides from you. We also provide info about our stolen elections other very important topics that 99% of the country is completely unaware of because the MSNM suppresses this also. More 'About' this website. | Jump to the stolen election section | Jump to Resources Section



The Covid information you will have access to thru this website will be shocking to most people because mainstream news refuses to allow the people we connect you to on their programs. Through this website you will be privy to info such as: What covid is and its origins, what's in the the 'vaccines', what the vaccines are designed to do to the human body, the horrifying side effects the vaccines are having on adults, children, babies, pregnant women and babies still in the womb. The information we connect you to you will not see on cable news channels. The information that will be presented to you will be accompanied by evidence and data from world renowned Medical Doctors, Cardiologists, Ob-gyns, Virologists, Scientists, Researchers, Lab Technicians, Data Analysts, Nurses, Funeral Home Directors, Embalmers, Pathologists, Ex-Pharma Co. Employees and other medical professionals.


Because new info on Covid and the injections is being discovered daily, on this page we provide the most important need to know info and the newest updates. The Covid page has tons of information that most of the populous is completely unaware of. - Go to the Covid Info Page.




Streamed on: Nov 21, 6:00 pm EST, Posted here 11/28/23.


Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dan Watkins, and Dr Michael Hamilton are here to talk about the deadly drug Remdesivir and how to hold those who pushed this drug accountable for murder. In this video you will learn that the people that supposedly died of Covid did not die of Covid.

There will be another 'pandamic' and if you don't know why and how so many people died while in the hospital, you or a loved one could be the next victims.




Died Suddenly is the documovie that went viral exposing how many men, woman and children just dying suddenly all over the world since the covid vax rollout. People young and old including children are dying due to synthetic clots in their arteries, not blood clots because they are not blood. And children are having heart attacks brought on my myocarditis.



Final Days picks up where 'Died Suddenly' leaves off. The Covid pandemic was the test run for an even more sinister plot to come. We are about to become part of a new class of people, the 'worthless eaters'.



Left/Top Vid: 100% of 'Died Suddenly' Autopsy Cases Causally Connected to the COVID Vaccine, According to Review.


Right/Bottom Vid: Young Athletes Are Collapsing and Dying at Rates Never Seen Before. The vid showcases headlines of young people collapsing and dying unexpectedly in the last eight months alone. Videos from The Vigilant Fox. Posted here 8/21/23.


Vid Vid



Posted here 6/25/23. Left/Top img

600,000 Americans Per Year
Are Dying From COVID Shots Says Top Insurance Analyst


Right/Bottom img

Also Watch Josh Stirling’s and former Blackrock executive Edward Dowd’s testimony on vaccine-induced excess mortality





It is very important that voters understand that the same voting method used to steal the 2020 elections is still in place and it will be used again in 2024, unless we stop it.


Did you know that stealing a Presidential election can be as simple as stealing only one county in only one state? Yep, it can be that simple. More info on sister site


Below are links to just two videos of many videos on that will provide so many videos showing the proof and evidence the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump and many down ballot republican races using voting machines and computers it will make your head spin. Video 1 explains how the election theft magic happens after ballots are placed in the scanner/tabulator and when using a voting machine. - Video 2 shows the actual stealing being done during the 2020 general election. The chart on video 2 image shows the votes that were flipped/switched from Trump to Biden in the 5 battleground states using computers/machines. (This chart is explained is in the video). - If we don't get rid of the machines the same thing you see in this video will happen in 2024.











We finally know who is in charge of Biden, who's running this country & who's in charge of of those running the country, i.e., the new world order.



This video explains who's in charge and how they plan on implementing the new world order. These people are all demonic. The Pandemic treaty is coming up in 2024, our government and those around the world are going to give the W.H.O. who is aligned with the world economic forum and the trilateral Group (private rich citizens of the world) the absolute say over how every nation will respond to the next Global endemic. None of these people that will run the new world order and every aspect of your life are not even elected. They just do what they want because we let them.


We've had the technology to eliminate fossil fuels completely since 1954.



New Post as of 6/25/23. This video is an excellent, excellent summary of what Steven Greer's Disclosure Project is about. Dr. Greer explains what's in the documentary 'The Lost Century' (info below) and other very important information on UFO's. Example: We have reverse engineered the technology on 122 crashed/downed UFO vehicles. The Dr. explains why this technology is being kept a secrete and so much more. The knowledge he shares will blow your mind. Share this interview with others. Interview by Deanna Lorraine of 'Shots Fired' via the Stew Peters Network on Rumble.


Lost Century

The The Lost Century: And How to Reclaim It is now available as of June 6, 2023. If you have not heard of Dr. Steven Greer you should get to know him. For 30 years he has been fighting for the disclosure of energy sources and other technology that would save lives and our planet. Every home on this planet can have it's own source of energy for heating cooling and cooking for FREE. The movie will make you aware of how technology has been kept a secrete from us for the last 100 years. Watch the trailer then visit Dr. Greer's YouTube channel for video after video covering all kinds of technology that man has no idea exists. Dr. Greer Website,



HAWAII FIRES CAUSE BY DWI (Direct Energy Weapon)


Watch this video left/top and ask yourself how boats sitting off shore in the water can all catch fire. How every car is completely burned and none are partially burned. How cars can burn sitting on the streets with nothing around them fueling the flames. How can cars and buildings burn to nothing yet trees and utility poles next to them remain untouched. This is just one of many videos showing DEW evidence.


There are also many other videos exposing how supplies that are donated by citizens local and abroad are being denied to the people that need it. And the shocking reasons why there are people that will benefit from rebuilding the cities. For these videos search Rumble for Hawaii DEW if this link does not open to it.





Richard Gage is an architect that shows indisputable evidence that the World Trade Center building were not brought down by fires or because of the force of the places crashing into them. Building 7 was not even hit by a plane and that came down in the same manner as the twin towers, by controlled explosions. Ann Vandersteel provides 8 video interviews with Mr. Gage where he explains and shows all the evidence you'll ever need to see that what Mr. Gage is presenting is the truth about what really brought down the 3 WTC buildings.


Ann's 8 Video Interviews on Rumble:

Video1 | Video2 | Video3 | Video4 | Video5 | Video6 | Video7 | Video8 .


Visit Richard Gage's website for tons of information and evidence about how the towers came down including many books on this subject and more.



About This Website


This website has been establishing to inform the uninformed that do not have the time to become informed.


If people were aware of the negative things being orchestrated around them they could do something about it. But since they don't know, by the time they find out it's always to late. For most people the reason they don't know what's going on is by no fault of their own because they work, are raising families, or have lifestyles that do not allow them time to seek out the news that directly impacts them,... And ... 'seek out' is exactly what you need to do because the main stream news media's job is to intentionally keep us as dumbed down as possible. - For those that don't have the time to 'seek out', we put the most pertinent need to know information in one place for you, we do the seeking out so you don't have to. Once stop shopping to learn and know what those in charge don't want you to know.


Note: The information on this website is not our information. This website is a 'news/info hub'. The way this website is set up is; our website is like the hub of a wagon wheel and links are like the spokes. The spokes connect to news and information sources that deliver honest and truthful news. The sources are financially viewer supported, and because they are they are not controlled by big pharma or corporate America. Most of the sources we use are part of which is an independent platform built in early 2021 by Mike Lindell & Brannon Howse. Frankspeech was built specifically so the people that were being silenced by the 'system' would have a place to deliver the news and information that is being kept from the American people. The people doing the research and delivering the news are Christians and god fearing people who's motivation is to do what God expects of them, tell the truth. Below is a list of most of the resources we trust.


If you want the truth you will not get it from the MSNM, you must use independent news and information sources that are not beholden to any political party or corrupt sponsors. Compare the information the people from share with you to what almost all other news sources are telling you and you will see for yourself where the truth resides.


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